WHAT IS GUNTERS INC.?2023-12-27T18:50:14-06:00

Gunters Inc. is a place for all of us to search for a treasure without being disqualified based on where we live or the resources we have to travel and dig. The entire hunt is online. So, all you need is access to the internet, some nerd-culture references from the 1980s – 2020s, and a brain to be the big winner. Just be the first to find my egg.


Only the first to complete all of the riddles will get the final prize of $1000, however, there are other hidden prizes to be won. So, play along, have fun, and never give up!


Solving riddles awards you points. Solving riddles first gives you more points. Maybe other things will give you points as well…who knows. See how you compare to everyone else by viewing the Global Rankings scoreboard on your dashboard page.


A path is a set of riddles around the same theme. Each week in January a different path will unlock to let all begin solving.


Each path will have a block of time allotted to solving it before the next path is available. If you solve the riddles quickly, you will meet a gate. Gates are time-locked barriers that keep you from moving to the next path until everyone has had a few days to attempt the current riddles.

DO NOT BE DISCOURAGED2023-12-29T06:04:08-06:00

This is my 5th egg hunt. Each year I’ve tried to improve the game. Hopefully, that means “better” not “harder”. But know this: you will not figure out each riddle in seconds or minutes. Take your time. Talk things out with a close friend or with our Discord community. Go down multiple rabbit holes. You have time. Use it.

WHAT IS A GUNTER?2023-12-27T18:51:01-06:00

A Gunter is an egg hunter. This term comes from the inspirational classic “Ready Player One”. Don’t bother watching the movie. Just read the book.

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